Have you been Urban Decay Naked(ified)?


Yes this is the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palette !

But to pat myself on the back here, I got this way before the hype. (normally this doesn’t happen) I was just getting into being the obsessed-with-makeup-shopping person i am today and decided that I wanted to get myself a birthday present. I marched into ULTA (with my mom obviously i couldn’t drive yet =P ) and snagged the last one. i would call that an accomplishment. My mom could not fathom why i would spend $44 (what the original one cost) one a piece of makeup, but the colors are just oh so pretty. And now after about 2 years i would say that this palette is gonna last me a pretty darn long time. I have barley made dents in them, and I would say out of the time i have owned this i have maybe gone 7 days in total without using it. (makeup repeater ?! -guilty. ) But seriously it works on all occasions.

Oh those high school days – some sin on the lid, naked in the crease, and virgin as a highlight

Yeah im a (lazy) college girl- sin on the lid…

college girl that wakes up at 10 on tuesdays – sin on the lid, (mix of naked and buck) in the crease, some smog the outer crease and outer V specifically, virgin on da highlight

Sometimes I go out at night (and enjoy doing my makeup wayyyy to much)- sidecar (for that sparkle ;]) on the lid, buck fully in the crease, dark horse on the outer crease and lower lash line, and creep in the outer outer V

Now I do like to experiment and use some other combinations. Would you like to see any more NAKED ideas ?

What is your favorite way to use the NAKED palette ?


2 thoughts on “Have you been Urban Decay Naked(ified)?

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