Winter Boots

So After I accidentally ripped by grey suede while falling (yes it was a big banana peel splat) down the steps after one (i guess exhausting) test it was time to replace those suckers over thanksgiving break. A trip to DSW was exactly what was need.

If you have never been there, I would say it is quite the experience. SO MANY SHOES of basically all kinds (side note I got my prom shoes there =))

Anyways thats where I spotted these Steve Madden mini wedge boots. And they had my exact size (7 and 1/2) yeah how often do you come across that one. It was a must. After I found out we had a coupon in the car it was a done deal. I was contemplating with the more combat style boots that had a nice print on the inside, but I decided on these..20111129-154246.jpg

yeah.. obsessed. they make me a little taller, but I can still walk without falling everywhere all the time (see klutz example above).


go go outfit of today.

my forever21 super comfy taylor swiftesque shirt

and most comfy pair of leggings from this awesome store in Canada (how I love that place) called dynamite.



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