The Perfect CurlyQ

This wand is the bomb (.com)

I have naturally curly hair, so this curling wand (Specifically… the Conair curling wand that I got at Target for 30$) has been an overall good time. I know I just said my hair is curly, but its not those nice perfect spirals that automatically form after the shower. I have that in-between wave curl that basically does whatever it wants. So I tend to use this hair instrument in a different way than advertised. And it makes this process so much easier by taking out half the time.

FIRST off the way to use this sucker is you just wrap your hair around the heated wand and it forms a perfect S curl.

 okay this shows more than 1 curl but you get the point.

You can either curl your whole head to get a eruption of volume, but the way i do it is just by curling the top section. If you already have a wave at the bottom layer of your hair set that aside and just do the top layer with the wand. This way you impose less damage to your hair but your putting the nice “perfect” looking curls at the top to hide anything underneath. Because I already have super thick hair, I don’t need my hair to be any bigger with big curls at the bottom as well.

Another way to use this to do the curling the night before, do all the work of sleeping on it, and wake up with looser waves. I actually planned to do this for a high school banquet last year.

anywaysss… just wanted to share my opinion. You have any others ?! I’d love to hear =)


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