$2 Urban Decay !?

Urban Decay for 2$….. SAY WHAT !?

yeah thats right I saw yesterday on the iPhone app that Urban Decay was going on sale on hautelook.com. (which is an online site that sells legit products at a discounted price) Previously, I have on browsed all the sales that have going on, but have never bought anything before. They have always had good sales, but nothing superly want to go out of the way and spend money and shipping on. BUT BUT BUTT. Since for some reason the reminder button on my iPhone app always fails me, I woke up this morning especially to see if there were any sales I could not pass up.. And there was. There were many items on sale including the ordered the three in the picture that I ordered. I ordered three urban decay eyeliners (normally like $18) each + shipping for $10 and some cents. SUPER SAVER ALERT ! So sent it to my home address so I will update you on how everything arrives when I go home for the holiday break !

If you want to check out haute look through my invitation you can click http://www.hautelook.com/short/3zQka

or if you would like to just go through the homepage you can click http://www.hautelook.com


One thought on “$2 Urban Decay !?

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