OOTD- “Rain Rain go Away”

Well I for one woke up on this bright and sunny day feeling just peachy.

Just kidding.. I am now seeing this wonderful view outside the window. YES. take it in for a minute. A mix of slimy rain possibly turning into snow? that’s just what I requested. (sarcasm -_-)


we even got an astounding high of 

So…. How should one conquer the start bad weather syndrome…

I would say take out that comfy swather and rock it!

 I actually complete forgot I bought this sweater of coziness back in the summer, and decided it must be worn today. I even still had the tag on and it reminded me of the stellar deal of got when I purchased it. This almost $30 sweater I got during the off season for $14 at forever21. Take a snuggle into that =)

I also wore some black century21 (theme of 21s !?) stretchy pants and my rain boots to go out a conquer my rainy walk to class. (and psych test.. maybe it will help me conquer that too ??)

How do you dress for the rainy stay inside days… when you can’t stay inside?


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