My Beauty Wish List – Holiday Season Edition

Since it is December now, and the Holiday season is upon us I thought it would be fun to share my beauty wish list. Obviously, I am not asking for all these things (pretty sure I am going to pick 1 because how much more makeup ect. do I need ??) but I am just going to share mine, and hopefully you can share yours too !

1) A NARS Blush: I have always heard people RAVE about NARS blushes, and they have even earned a spot on Sephora’s best sellers page. They are a solid amount more than a blush should be coming in at $27, but I would think it would last you a long time. Similar to this, the new Benefit Box Powder Hervana also made it on the list. I do not own any of the box powders, but because this one has a mix of a lot of colors I figure it would be a good place to start. This one comes up one buck higher at $28.

2) Cha Cha Tint is Benefit’s newest cheek/ lip stain. I have the sample sizes of all the other of this kind (from the feeling cheeky set) and I would love to try out this color too. It seems that the formula that these are made in stay the longest on my lips out of everything I have tried. I think it would be a little much to buy this large size, so the best option would be to wait until this color comes in a mini size to try it out.

3) Sephora by OPI: This nail polish I found in the sale section of and I am in love with this blue color. Unfortunately this color is part of their crackle collection, but I’m sure this color exists in normal form… and i want to find it.

4) Wonderstruck: This item is the one thing I am actually asking for this holiday season. I am sort of a huge Taylor Swift fan (oh hey taylor at your speak now concert…and now that I have been obsessed with the song Enchanted for a year, I took one second to sniff this scent at my local macy’s and decided it was necessary to own it this holiday season.

5) The two other Benefit products that I am infatuated with while I am apparently on this Benefit kick are the Watt’s Up Luminizer and the Eye Bright. The Luminizer is completely different from High Beam as it is a champagne color as opposed to the pearl. This will give more of a soft glow and warmth to your face. As for the Eye Bright, I think this would just be a nice product to have to go along with a concealer routine that is necessary when being a college student (aka very little sleep…ever).

6) Urban Decay Mariposa Palette: Even though this isn’t Urban Decay’s most popular palette out there right now (NAKED I,II and Book of Shadows #) this is a palette that has a variety of colors that are not apparent in my collection. I own the NAKED I palette so I am set on neutrals for basically another few years because I don’t see myself running out anytime soon, but I really have no colors. This set comes with a nice purple, blue, and pink which I am sure are all pigmented and wearable well because they are Urban Decay awesomeness.

7) Last but not least, I am definitely looking into trying some of Sigmas Synthetic Brushes. I own their basic brush set, and I really do like it. (Review coming in the future =) These new brushes seem worth it to try out as well. I know they came out with face and eye brushes, but for now the face set of 4 for $56 would be a good way to try them out!

So, What do you think are the best options on this list? What will be making an appearance on a holiday wish list of yours?


5 thoughts on “My Beauty Wish List – Holiday Season Edition

  1. I LOOOOVE Cha Cha Tint. Like you, I have deluxe samples of some of their other tints but I splurged and bought the whole bottle. It really is a pretty shade and the packaging is adorable! It lasts really long on my lips too. I love the pretty flush it gives me as well.
    NARS blushes are my favorite. I have had the same NARS blush for the last four years and use it all the time and still have plenty left. There are so many gorgeous shades. My favorites are Super Orgasm and Deep Throat.
    I hope you get the items on your list! :)

    • Yes I really want to try out a NARS blush because everyone says they are so worth it ! I am looking into the set where you get 6 different colors, but it is still expensive.. Maybe I will have to splurge over the holiday season !

  2. This is a pretty solid list! I have a handful of NARS blushes and love them all, so I highly recommend – I don’t have any Benefit blushes, tints or box powders, though they’ve caught my eye a few times. I have three of the shades in the UD palette, and they’re all really stellar :) One day I’ll try $OPI nail polish, but it has to be an awesome shade because it pains me that they cost more than regular OPI polishes!

    • I know ! I have yet to try out the Sephora by OPI because they are more expensive than the regular OPI or China Glaze, but the colors they have always look gorgeous. Maybe if I see one on sale i’ll try it out and compare it to the normal OPI :)

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