The Holidays Are Upon Us


Hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday Season and also enjoying google singing to you for the past few days

obviously I am somebody who would get way to much of a kick out of that.. #sorryimnotsorry

But but butt.. This is a great time to drop everything and spend time with friends and family. I wanted to thank everyone that has been reading my blog, I know it is just starting but I appreciate it !

I wanted to share with you this picture of this over the top house in my town. It is crazy. I don’t know how they do it but every year their light decorating ability shines (as well as their house from 5 miles away) One year they had a moving waterfall and ferris wheel. But in between the kids flooding into their yard taking pictures, I snapped this one from the car.20111225-151756.jpg

What I had to say about it:

Do you have a house like this near you? Do you like to go all out for the Holidays, or have a chill time?



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