“It twas the week before Christmas” – A Haul

So I am not sure where my brain was when I was packing to come home from school for winter break(clearly it was fried by finals and needed a few days to recover), but I forgot some very important items in my suitcase. Somehow I managed to forget my straightener and curling iron &&& all my nail polish. Not even a smidge for a holiday and new years color. So clearly I had to change this very soon after I got home. Between a trip to Harmons and Ulta, I think I am now well stocked to take on a month home. ( well in the Nail Polish category.. somehow it didn’t feel right to repurchase a hair tool because the price range is a little different -_-)

The one I have tried out so far is Lunar Eclipse, which you can see in my NOTD of this week =)

I also received my Hautelook Order in the mail 2 days ago !


I was wrapped really well so everything came in one piece. Now the shipping did take a little longer than your average 5-7 day deliver, but it was right on time with what the tracking said online. I love the colors I got and even more I love the deals I got! Now the only thing is I am not sure if the pencils will work with a non urban decay sharpener. I don’t want to have to go and spend $10 for the brand name sharpener, but i also don’t want my new products to be ruined after a few uses. Do I need to go out and buy the one specifically for these products, or will my NYC one do the trick just the same?

Here’s What they look like!



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