December 2011 Favorites

Happy ( a few days belated) New Year !! Can you believe it is 2012 !?! I hope you all had a fantastic (and safe) New Years bash.. as I am reluctant to inform you all I was able to spend new years with my lovely bed, feeling sick as ever and missing out on all the new years festivities. I was a little bummbed that I didn’t get to party like it’s 2012, but as I am on the road to recovery from my illness I recognize that there are many new years to come!

Anyways I would like to share with all of you my December Favorites :)

As this lovely image outlines some standout favorites it also embodies my first favorite:

1) Adobe Photoshop:I took 2 graphic design classes throughout high school and its funny how much I actually absorbed through those. It’s fun looking up tutorials online and seeing what you can create with this program. Maybe one day i’ll post some of my old projects online, but I do love how much this program can do. #computernerdmoment

#2 Would be my lovely Maybelline One by One Mascara: I have tried quite a few mascaras and this month I found myself repurchasing not only the regular black one but the waterproof one too. I come back to this one because I find that it gives me the best results.

3 Benefit ErasePaste Concealer: This one I actually purchased in August, but I have secretly neglected using it because of my inability to easily open the stubborn container the first few times. Now that I have moved past that… I can actually appreciate what this product can do. During the little sleep moments of finals this was really the only thing that could help. It was DarkCircleNation.. So if you have that problemo, I would definitely check this out to cover those suckers up.

Now the other two favorites have been continuations of lifetime favorites that I have already expressed my love for on this blog so I would encourage you to check out Why everyone is getting Urban Decay NAKEDified and what Tarte can do for you with LipSurgence.

And I had to add in my song obsession of the Adele Glee Mashup. If I could tell you how many times me and my floormates have listened to that song… it would be crazy.

 that is how many views the youtube music video for the song has… I bet you I contributed a hefty number of those.


FUNFACT: My family recently informed me that when I was younger I hand an obsession with saying twentytwelve. Good Sign for the year to come ?? hopefully…So maybe new years

wasn’t my weekend, but it’s gonna be my year.

( did you recognize that song …? Take a guess perhaps :P )

Hope your all excited to start a new year !? What are your recent favorites ?


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