Jamah: The Next in Luxury Fashion

Hey ! I wanted to introduce you to a new site that I’ve been shopping on called Jamah. They sell the newest, luxury high fashion bags, men’s bags, and accesories

In a nutshell, Jamah describes themselves:

JAMAH’s timeless designs redefine the modern classic. Fashioned from luxurious, lightweight Italian leather and hardware, a JAMAH bag is distinguishable by its fusion of elegant form and rich, sophisticated colors. Honoring the integrity of the leather’s texture and purity of line, JAMAH designs maintain refined silhouettes. Simplistic beauty characterizes the JAMAH lifestyle, where collaboration, consciousness and fashion are a way of life.

Now it doesn’t seem to me that these are any old bags that you would get at forever21 that would break in about a week. If you are looking into buying one of these gems you are making an invest, but you will have a good quality bag that can last a very long time. (you will get your moneys worth)

As I was perusing the site a few bags caught my eye…

The Crystal was one of my favorites from the start, and I could definitely see myself using this and matching it with basically every outfit.

(Did I mention I actually love the photography for these bags.. It’s not just like here’s the bag. Each product is incorporated into a little scene)

The Mini Boo is the perfect size for fancier events in which you don’t feel the need to lug your everyday bag. You can fit your cell phone, some cash, a lip gloss, and go.

(Ps: click on the pictures if you want to look at each individual style)

So if you like what you see I suggest you look at all the different collections on the website or their blog and do some perusing yourself :)

But while you are considering this brand for your next “save up” purchase, you should know how this company works to impact the community as well.

Project Runway meets The Apprentice and Reality meets Substance

In True Fashion works with low income students to create a program where they can basically create their own brand and have hands on experience throughout the whole process of watching their designs coming to life.


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