My Top Iphone Apps

Do you have that #iphoneswag ? When anyone gets an iPhone/iPad (pretty sure all of these apply for both) they want to start decking out their devices with apps that give it abilities beyond your normal phone. Today I just thought I would share my favorite iPhone apps, and hopefully you will do the same so that we can all discover low cost ways to make more use and probably less battery of our fun technology.

Now speaking as a social media junkie myself, I would say it is a must have to have the facebook and twitter apps,

but to go beyond that… I definitely reccomend checking out Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, and Get Glue. These on-the-go apps make it super easy to stay in touch with people across the hall or in another country.

Some other Honorable Mentions would have to go to tiny tower: a game in which you keep expanding the number of floors on your tower, while keeping your bitzen community happy :) … beware its addicting. I’m up to 12 floors. #getatme

An app that me and my friends from college used over break is called Hipstamatic Disposable. Its basically a shared disposable camera. Each person gets a number of pictures that they can take on their phones, and when the number for everyone expires you can see all the pictures.With that an easy way (besides an actual phone call) to leave messages for friends is with an app called hey tell. It turns your phone into a walkie talkie. Now you may not use this all the time, but it’s super fun and easy to use to send quick voice messages.

Now I’m not sure about you, but the obsession with words with friends has been going on with the people around be for about a year now. It died down over the summer, but is now making a super come back in school. For some reason, challenging your friends to an intense virtual scrabble game is extremely appealing.

Now for actually practical apps, Just light uses the flash in your phone to make a better flashlight that your LCD screen will ever make. And for anyone taking a math class I 100% reccomend Wolfram Alpha. Along with the general version, there are specific versions for different levels of math. It is so much easier to use than having to type the symbols into google, and give you results that are organized and not mixed in with a ton of mumbojumbo that you don’t want or need.

Anyways…. Have you tried any of these apps and are as obsessed as I am, or are there any that I must check out?


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