College Freshmen Must Haves: Syracuse Winter Edition

So it is now February (2 days post Valentine’s to be exact) and winter has actually started. (Yeah remember when it was #70innovember)
instagram snap

Let’s go ahead and compare that to now….

Sadness. I like the snow as must as the next guy (Obviously because I chose Syracuse), but now with the lack of snow days being attached and the new need to walk across campus in the wind it is a little less exciting to see those numbers.

Sooo after living through this weather for a month or so I have gathered a list of what I feel I have gotten the most use out of/ enjoyed having while being a college student in the arctic

 A solid pair of slippers. I literally wear these everywhere. On those days when I don’t leave the dorm, I actually live in my slippers and everyone knows it. I wear them to the dinning hall basically everyday and it is totally acceptable. Plus they are the most comfortable shoe option you could ask for.



or basically…

I and everyone else live in the VS line. They are so cute and comfortable… and even though a little expensive I pinky promise you will get a tone of use out of them over the 4 years and beyond that.

Scarves, Gloves, and Hats are a must when facing the tundra (aka outside your room). I especially love those american eagle gloves that I got because you can take off the finger flap for easy texting/ calling access. I also know there are touch screen gloves that are available. I don’t have them, but I wish I did.

My roomie also has one of these snazy totes bubble umbrellas of which she looks super fashionable on those “it’s raining it’s pouring” days.

I have broken two not as sturdy umbrellas from the massive wind, so I choose solely to rock the hood on my coat. To each his own.

One more I don’t have yet, but I shall be getting my butt over to CVS ASAP to grab some are these..

large headbands that I can stick on when my hair is not cooperating and I have already stuck it in a bun on top of my head (We’ve all been there -_-).

So what’s your list for winter ? Or if you are one of those lucky enough to be in a warm weather state at this point, what should I be stocking up on for the upcoming Spring and Summer months ?


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