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Think about every time in the past year when a breaking news story has occurred. Where were you? How did you find out? Well, as you all know by now, yesterday at 3:55 Whitney Houston was sadly pronounced dead, and along with the rest of the world I found out this news a mere 35 minutes after it was official, through Twitter. Through the use of Twitter, the public could have potentially found out this sad fact 27 minutes earlier than the press announced it with a tweet from Big Chorizo. Within that hour there were over 2.5 million tweets, along with many trending topics about the subject, which surely informed the rest of the unknowing public.

I know I for one announced this news to the clueless public of my dorm while browsing twitter, so it made me come to think: Is Twitter the CNN of our generation ?

Twitter gave us this news almost immediately after it occurred, and allowed us to see the reactions and opinions of many people that were close to Whitney herself.This Storify captures the reactions of many celebrities who chose Twitter as an outlet to project their deepest sorrows of losing a loved friend, or inspiration. If one tried to acquire the same content through traditional media, reporters would have to spend massive amounts of time interviewing hundreds of people.

Do you agree ? Do you think Twitter (aka Live Tweeting) will come to replace more traditional forms of media? Or will nothing rival the trustworthiness of the hard copy press?


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