Is Your Smartphone Bumping ?

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Growing up in the 21st century we can actually use the phrase “There’s an App for That” with just about anything. While users browse through a sea of apps that add new features to your smartphone, I would like to highlight one that takes theold concept of adding a friends number to your phone and makes it a little more fun!

Whether you’re “trying to score some digits,” or casually asking “Can I have your number” you can add new contacts to your address book with the app called Bump.

With this app you just lightly bump your phones together to share:

  • Your contact information
  • Your Social Networks (connect on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin)
  • Photos

In addition, it also allows you to find mutual friends and start a chatting with them right away.

No more need to slowly recite your number while the other person continually pushes the wrong buttons, just one bump and you’re done !

So is your iPhone or Android device already bumping, or will you step into the new age and start to bump with all your friends ?


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