The Year that Went by Faster than Lightening: Freshman No More

So now its 3:01 in the morning and I can now say I am no longer a freshman in college. I completed my first year on Tuesday and right now it all seems unreal. I had the greatest year I could ever imagine and met friends that I know will be there for the rest of my life. ( hey that why you go to college right ;) ? )

But what I can not believe is how fast it went by. I remember moving in and not being able to open the doors because I didn’t know which way to slide my key card, and now a whole year has passed by (but my key card still doesn’t work sometimes -_- ) .

This week I enjoyed my last smoothie


Instagramed my last artsy picture of campus…. (for a few months)


and then proceeded to take a solid 7 (tearful) hours to pack up my side of the room to only be left with



And although it is nice to come home,

(to a supper happy doggy I might add)


my summer plans right now are as free as a bird. I guess the first step here is too unpack the massive boxes that are spread out throughout my house, but so far I have only ventured into one tiny box. Clearly I packed all the essentials first:


6 pairs of sunglasses anyone ??

I think the real question is why I have these. It is not even sunny in Syracuse. duh…

But anyways now I actually have time to add to this little blog of mine so any suggestion are much appreciated =)

And.. Internship applications are in full swing, but I was just informed of the no credit until after sophomore year rule ( is that a normal thing ?) so I’m still on the hunt.

BUT BUT BUT more importantly

What are you doing this summer/ What should I be doing this summer ? Since I have had the recent realization that life is going by too quickly … I’m thinking of making a summer (& or life) bucket list. HELP PUH-LEASE.


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