iPhone Accessories Galore

So an observation I recently made is that Apple ( and specifically the iPhones) are taking over the world. When I was at school it was uncanny how many kids had iPhones. Now to separate yourself from the standard iPhone owner, I thought I would share some suggestions on some cool things I found online that would swag-out your iPhone. Now ironically I only have a simple pink case on my phone, but if I had discovered this hobby of mine about 6 months ago (and didn’t already blow 25$ on said case) this situation would be different.

Now this year I can actually say that me and my roommates spent a way too many hours on this site. (Even more time than watching one direction videos and having sporadic dance parties)

Now the top site that has been a time sucker is called society6. This morning my sister thought she was so cool for finding this site and sent it to me… little does she know that’s where half my year went.

So now I present some of favorites: (yes they are clickable)

you so tribal

this reminds me of the movie UP

daydream iPhone Case by Sylvia Cook Photography | Society6

this is so peaceful

But now if you want something to brighten your day and give you a little chuckle every once in a while…

Mustache Mania iPhone Case

I mustache you a question?

I mean come on thats pretty creative.. If I was a math major/ little monster I would be on that.

But wait… I can actually give you a helpful suggestion. I think these type of phone case wallets are genius. They put everything you need into one tiny compact case that you can grab on the way out the door. I am highly considering going to the mall tomorrow and getting my sister that for graduation. ( #spoiler )


And this little nifty gadget is called a Square. If you have one of these, your friends will never have an excuse not to pay you back if they don’t have cash on them. You can swipe their credit card instantly from your iPhone. Now some people don’t feel comfortable with this technique, but for some reason I feel it’s secure enough and I don’t have a problem with using it.

So what do you think about this Apple iPhone swag? Do you have any different potential swag of your own?


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