The Guy who Imprinted himself with an iPod

So I actually heard this news story first from my grandparents. A guy named Dave Hurban implanted magnets in his wrist himself so he could wear his iPod nano without a wristband.

…Yeah, some people go to extremes…

Now, although cool, I’m not sure if this is worth it just to avoid buying a wristband. I see a few flaws with this plan.

  • Now the first thing I think of is Dave becoming a human magnet. Keys, picture frames, you name it I would suspect woud attach in place of the iPod

ImageThat doesn’t look like too much fun

  • One other slightly important issue is that Apple comes out with new versions of the iPod every couple of years. What happens when his iPod becomes the new mini. Old and Outdated is not something you want ingrained into your arm.

Now this is just me… What do you think of this idea? Will you be running to your nearest tattoo parlor to be next in line for this procedure, or will you skip out on this one?


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