How PlayAPI Can Transform Your Startup

Everywhere you look, it seems that there is always someone trying to sell you something. The amount of clutter that a normal person encounters on a daily basis has grown immensely, so advertisers are always looking for new ways to break through this clutter and stand out. I think a solution to the problem of clutter lies within the growing relationship between advertising and technology.

A prime example of this can be found in a startup called PlayAPI. The company popularizes the idea of gamification in today’s modern world, and thus creates new ways for companies to engage with customers. The website showcases how this idea has been recently introduced in the fashion industry, but I think every company should take a look and see how gamification can give them an edge in their industry.

The creators, Julie Fredrickson and Philip Bjerknes, found one another through the world of online fashion blogging, and met up in New York City to start this new venture.

What Is PlayAPI?

According to its website, PlayAPI “is a suite of tools and templates that allows brands to create custom game experiences. It gives companies a framework for tapping into different social graphs and rewarding their customers.”


PlayAPI supplies companies with templates for many “games” that they can tweak to fit their products, and use to engage with customers. They want to interact with the audiences they’ve already built through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and  Foursquare.

The company provides already-built templates for games such as Bingo, Brackets, and Memory, which can run on Facebook, tablets, or the web. Through these games, users can get rewards for playing such as badges (similar to Foursquare), points, and even the chance to end up on the leader board.

Why It Works

The information that the companies will gain from running these games may be twice as valuable as the engagement itself. For example, a company can set up a bracket that shows many shoes of the season, and have them all compete to see which is the crowd favorite. Their target market will be the ones voting on the outcome, so the winning product will also be the shoe that most customers want to buy. The retailer sees the shoes [that gets] the most engagement, and then decides to build another campaign highlighting the winning shoe. This first hand research is valuable to any marketing plan.

What do you think of PlayAPI? Will your company get on board with the gamification trend? Let me know in the comments!


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