Summer Beauty Picks

Hey Guys! Today I am going to share my favorite beauty products for Summer. Some of these have been my favorites for a long time, but other I just recently picked up and feel are perfect for the summer months.


To start off, a bronzed face is perfect for summer. I don’t really wear any foundation during the summer because honestly it is way to hot and will just sweat right off. Because of this, I love my faithful erase paste concealer by Benefit. It works so well and you really only need a little bit, and the rest will last you until next summer. Now to get that bronzy glow, I love the cheap, but functional NYC bronzer in sunny. To give you a highlight on your face I have a baby high beam that I put right at the tops of my cheek bones and it gives your just the right amount of luminosity. A little while back Sephora had a deal where you get all three Benefit minis for $10 or $15, and because I use so little each time I don’t see the need for me to buy the full one at a large price tag. For the rest of you besides your face, I use the Jergens gradual tanner. Because I have super pale skin, I can see results with the lightest shade, but they also come in darker shades if you so desire. Moving on, I love fun colored eyeliner for the summer. I think adding in a little pop of purple or blue makes a look fun for summer ! Now I got my Urban Decay liner when it was on sale for like $2 online, but there are many cheap alternatives at the drugstore. If that’s not your thing, I love my Jordana Fabuliner that is way cheaper than a lot of others, and is much easier to use. Now my favorite eye shadow selection for the summer is from the Urban Decay Naked palette. I bought this a few years ago as a birthday present to myself, (everyone does that right? :) ) and I still love it. Every neutral shade you could possibly want in one little compact rectangle. Now, the rule is you pick one or the other to do bright colors with… either your eyes or lips… so for the days when I choose the latter I love a bright lip color. Lipsticks have always felt to old for me ( Nothing against it, just for now I haven’t gotten into them). So I love other options such as the Revlon lip butters and the Tarte Lip Surgence. They don’t dry your lips out, and also provide great color.

So as you have some fun in the sun, maybe you want to try some of these out ?

Let me know what your Summer Beauty Picks are !


May Nail Polish Picks

So as we are approaching the end of May, it is apparent that Spring has Sprung in full swing

It has been super nice the past couple of days and as my half moon manicure is falling to shreds, I thought it would be a good time to share my top 10 nail polishes for this time of year. Normally I go for brights and sparkle, so let me know if any of these are your favorites too!

OPI Friar, Friar, Pants on Fire

ULTA Tutu Cute

Confetti Tahitian Turquoise

Funky Fingers Power Play

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Follow The Moon: A Half Moon Manicure

Drawing inspiration from Lauren Conrad’s recent blog post I decided to put a twist on what she describes as a half moon manicure. It is shown with a black and gold combination, but I decided to amp it up for spring/ summer and choose and array of blues.

All you need are 2 nail polishes, some old binder reinforcements ( yes, we all have these stuffed in our drawers from school supply shopping in middle school), and a top coat so it doesn’t chip faster than youpaint it.

The two colors I used for my version are :

china glaze-refresh mint


sally hansen-blue me away

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Urban Decay Hautelook Sale PART 2.

UPDATE :) I got my order in the mail a week ago

look at the beautifulness…

first I instagramed the cover..

YAY. Pretty shadows :)

Overall I am happy with the order. It came earlier than the expected date online and everything was exactly as pictured on the site

—————————–Original Post———————————–

GO GO GO. Urban Decay is on sale again on Hautelook today and I am pretty sure everything is going super super fast. They have most products ( and not just the stuff they don’t sell, they have some best sellers here) at least 50% off.

I just ordered the book of Shadows IV, but I accidentally had it shipped to my home address while I am at school for the next few months.. sooo we shall see if I can change that.

If you want to check out haute look through my invitation you can click

or if you would like to just go through the homepage you can click

ps. if you are wonder if this is legit .. you can look at my post from a few months ago where I received my order in the mail =)

Introducing Pinterest !

Have you heard of the newest social network that has been buzzing about lately?

It’s called Pinterest. Rightfully so because they main idea is that you can “Pin” different pictures on your array Pin Boards. Below I have an example of my Pins that are separated in 4 categories so far, but I can always add more!

You can browse through all the Pins in different categories, or pick specific people to follow. (You can even follow only certain boards of those who you want to follow) Basically it’s a fun, more organized version of Tumblr. People have been known to use Pinterest to replace old fashion scrapbooks or wedding Planners by just creating different boards filled with picture ideas. You can take any picture from the web and Pin it to your boards too by using this handy dandy Pin It button in your bookmakrs bar. 

So do you think you will be trying out Pinterest in the near future? Or just let this trend pass by

Fun Fact: There are definitely more Women on Pinterest than Men.

A Collection Fit for the Capital – The Hunger Games + China Glaze !?

Yes everyone keep calm as I am about the tell you that two very amazing things are coming together in the near future. (Okay well March, but that’s close enough to look forward to) I did read all the Hunger Games books over the summer and I loved them ! Mix that with the fact that I am obviously nail polish obsessed & you have a winner! I have never really invested into looking into a future collection, but this one looks awesome.

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