3 Ways Social Media Was Used During Fashion Week

Last week, anyone who’s anyone in the fashion industry packed their bags and hopped on the nearest mode of transportation to spend some time in New York City. Now, it would still be a great experience to attend any of these events in person, but a new trend in the fashion industry allows the average person to”go to fashion week” without actually jet setting. Right off the runway, social media is the Fashion Industry’s Hottest Trend. Because this new trend isn’t gaucho pants, or Ugg boots, it will not be going out of style any time soon.

Instagram Makes Dreams Come True

Social media started impacting fashion week months before it even started this year. Designer Rebeeca Minkoff launched an Instagram contest with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. All you had to do to be entered was take an Instagram image showcasing how you rock Rebecca Minkoff styles and tag the image with the hashtag #RMCatwalk. The luck winner,Kate Ogata, did just that and won two tickets to the runway show. She then returned the favor through none other than social media, as she bloggedher way through the grand prize.

Up Close and Personal

The most sought after seats of fashion week have just been snatched up! By who? Well, that would be you. With the use of social media, anyone in the world can feel like they have front row tickets to their favorite designer’s new collection.

Twitter snapshots, Pinterest boards, Tumblr blogs, and Youtube livestreams all give up-to-the-minute visuals of everything going on during the events, so you won’t miss one gown, shoe, or outrageous hair accessory.

The immediacy of the social media that was used during Fashion Week allowed for “real time fashion analysis of consumer behavior.” This immediate feedback from customers is unlike anything that Fashion Week has ever seen before. The brand will immediately know if its target market is hyped up about the new collection, or if they should pull the plug on similar designs that are in the works.

Google’s New Accessory

Only Google would be able to make geek look chic.

picture from here

This new piece of technology made its debut as an accessory during the Diane Von Frustenberg runway show. This product quickly moved through the social media sphere as pictures of models wearing the glasses surfaced on the DVF Facebook page, as well as a Youtube video that premiered on their Google + page.

These glasses contain:

  • A Touch pad
  • A Built-in camera and camcorder
  • A Speaker
  • A Microphone
  • A display to feature multiple radios and information
  • Hands-free smartphone access

The designer, and self professed “techie,” expressed her opinion on this new fashion statement as she said, “I am so excited to introduce Glass to the fashion world and use this revolutionary technology to give everyone a unique perspective into fashion.”

Not Out of Style Yet

I think social media and fashion are a pair that won’t be breaking up any time soon. What do you think? Leave your opinions in the comments down below!


The Facebook App Gets a Facelift

On Thursday August 23rd, the millions of iPhone and iPad owners rejoiced as one of their most frequently-used apps received an update. Facebook has over has 543 million monthly mobile users, and this growing statistic supports the idea that technology is going mobile.

People are always on the go, and with this update, Facebook dramatically improves the mobile experience. Facebook responded to user complaints, and “rebuilt [the app] so it’s faster and easier to use.” Customers previously took to forums and blogs to complain about the app’s scrolling speed and the constant lags when retrieving updates. So, when the Facebook team went to improve the app, they knew exactly where to start.

The Vision for the New Version 

Product manager Mick Johnson explained, “The app is actually a complete re-write of Facebook for iOS.” They felt this was necessary because those who are in charge of making changes are also users of the app. They have the user experience to pinpoint the problems while using the app in their personal lives. With this in mind, they experienced firsthand the speed issue and opted to make the app twice as fast.

Other improvements include:

  • Scrolling through the news feed is faster than ever
  • New banner lets you tap to quickly see more stories – no need to refresh
  • Allows you to see when person has seen your message
  • Instant Access to your notifications

  • Photos open fast and close with one downward swipe
  • Faster photo uploads


The messages component of this app received a great deal of improvement in this update through the integration of the previously separate messenger app. The look, feel, and features of the messenger app are all now included in the standard Facebook app.

The iPad App Joins In

Along with the iPhone updates, the iPad app also received a facelift, which included the introduction of timeline for the iPad. Now that almost all Facebook users have reluctantly been forced into timeline, it’s about time that this feature made its way to the retina display of the iPad.

The People’s Opinion

Overall, this update seems to have received a positive response. I agree that this is “the best update in a very long time” because it actually delivered what the customer wanted. It seems that this group of developers finally got it right.

Anything Left to Improve?

Even with all the revisions made, there is always room for improvement. Some of the most frequent complaints after the update include the need for a share button and the ability to tag people in comments. Another problem that the Facebook mobile team should tackle is the quick decline in battery life. Users continue to fuss out about how this app, update or not, continues to drain their battery life even if the application is only running in the background.

So, you hear that Facebook? This is what we, the users, want to for version 6.

What’s your opinion on the Facebook App Update? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Social Media: The Big Olympic Spoiler

Every four years, a two week period comes along where the best athletes in the world compete in various sports to become the best. Right now, everyone has been glued to the TV to follow the rivalry between swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte , and watch every flip and stuck landing of the US Women’s Gymnastics Team. Now, it has been a tradition to become engrossed in the Olympic Games, but since the last Summer Olympics in 2008 our world has become much more reliant on social media.

Why Spoilers Are a New Problem

I have been hearing everyone complain that the Michael Phelps race they were so excited to watch was ruined by an insensitive twitter account, and it made me think about why society hasn’t faced this problem before. During the Beijing Olympics in 2008 there was a delay in TV coverage as well, but I don’t remember there being nearly as much of a problem with spoilers. Then it hit me that although it feels like Twitter has been around forever, it only emerged as the new popular social network around the time of 2009, a year after the last summer Olympics. Now, 3 years later, it is the ”Official Narrator” of the London 2012 Olympics. It is hard to remember a time when you didn’t tell all your followers every one of your thoughts in 140 characters or less, but Twitter is still new to the social seen. Twitter UK even reported that there were more Tweets in a single day last week than during the entire 2008 Beijing Games.

Avoiding Spoilers Should Be an Olympic Sport

Because we all live in the high tech world that is 2012, avoiding learning the Olympic results before primetime is just as a hard as preforming an Amanar Vault in gymnastics. Olympic spoilers have people turning off phone alerts, hiding their iPads and shushing co-workers. But logging off all technology isn’t a full proof plan to avoid spoilers either. If Twitter, email alerts, and notifications don’t spoil it, the next person you meet will. You might miss reading Ellen’s funny tweets for two weeks because you’ve sworn off Twitter, but the second you walk into the lunch room or doctors office somebody will say “OH MY ! I can’t believe Missy Franklin won that race.”

So clearly, the only way to avoid having the Olympic games unspoiled is to: Cease to live in the modern world. Use no social media. Talk to no one. Eyes front: Look at no newsstand, no TV crawler. No radio! Get home, take out the earplugs . . . but only after you turn on NBC. 

A Suggestion from the Source

Enough with the sarcasm, avoiding spoilers from friends is a though battle, but ESPN gives a realistic tip so you can use Twitter sans spoilers.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Now this phrase is not just a catchy Kelly Clarkson tune, in fact it actually represents NBC’s position in the world of spoilers. You would think that because everyone is finding out the results of all the matches, meets, and races during the day they skip the chance to watch it at night, but NBC reports otherwise. The network can point to its stellar ratings — 40.7 million viewers for the opening ceremony and 28.7 million for the first night of competition Saturday — to argue that it must be doing something right. One of the creators of the hit tv show Lost, Damon Lindelof, even tweeted about his thoughts on the great Olympic spoilers. Looks like he thinks people won’t stop tuning in anytime soon.

Why I Don’t Mind the Spoilers

I seem to have the same mindset as Damon, as I don’t mind the new era of social media introducing spoilers. When watching Olympic events I get anxious and nervous that my favorite athlete isn’t going to win. I like finding out the basic results such has who won and lost during the day, and then seeing how all the action played out when it airs on TV at night. This way I can be calm and enjoy watching the events. Spoilers won’t get me to give up social media just yet.

What is your opinion on Olympic Spoilers? Have you sworn off technology for the time being, or you “pro-spoilers” like me?

Lockerz: When Pinning Pays Off

I hope since my earlier post Can Pinterest Make you Healthier? you have become a Pinning Fein just like the rest of the world. Now, not to burst your bubble, but like most things in tech something newer and better is always close behind. For Pinterest, this new competitor is Lockerz.

One and the Same

Using these sites is overall the same experience. The idea is to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. You start off by creating an account name and then proceed to placing a bunch of pictures, either originals or obtained from the Internet, into different categories. Then you can repost pictures to your collections from other members’  collections. The people you choose to follow can range from friends from your social networks, to celebrities and brands.

The Similarities Laid Out

As you can see, the look and feel of these social sites is very much the same, as well as the functionality. The only thing that changes is the name given to the alike action.

What Makes it Better

Now I love Pinterest as much as any girl who loves to spend hours pinning with no purpose, but there was one thing that convinced me to make the switch to Lockerz. The PTZ factor. Lockerz members earn what the network calls ‘PTZ’ for nearly everything they do on the site, which are used to get discounts on hundreds of products offered in the Lockerz Store.“  This allows users of Lockerz to get a better ROI (Return on Investment) than pinners ever will.


For every hour you spend on this site, you are working your way towards getting super discounted items, as opposed to spending time on Pinterest where all I have seemed to accumulate is a lot of pretty pictures. On Lockerz they have brand name clothes, shoes, and electronics where you can use your points to hack off part of the price.

Now I think this is a great idea because this concept of getting rewarded for your time gives posting photos a purpose. I enjoy doing it, and it doesn’t hurt that if I continue I could get these $55 earrings for half off!

If you’re thinking that this is too good to be true, check out the Lockerz 101 page for a full explanation of how this process works.

Learn the Lingo

Before you’re saying Out with the Old, In with the New, it is important to know what your talking about. Here is a little Pinterest to Lockerz translation sheet.

  • When you are referring to each picture in a category Pin= Decalz
  • The action of putting the pictures into categories  Pinning= Grabbing
  • What you call each category filled with pictures Pinboards= Collections

Where Your Influence Actually Matters

Lockerz revolves around the idea that influencers within a social network can become brand and content advocates and affect the behavior of their friends. On Lockerz you earn a lot of points based on how many people grab and love your pictures, so the bigger your network is, the greater chance you have of earning points. On Twitter it doesn’t matter how many people follow you (aside from bragging rights), but on Lockerz you could be earning PTZ in your sleep if you have people following your posts.

Mobile is not so Mobile

One aspect that I am not very satisfied with is this mobile version of this site. I downloaded the mobile app thinking that would be a great way to score some extra PTZ on the go, but every time I go to open the app it crashes. It seems I am not the only one with the problem, as many people have taken to review the app with the same complaint. Now, if this could be fixed I think this app could rival the Pinterest app as well.

So What Do You Say?

Are you going to keep up with the latest technology and move to Lockerz, or is this social train moving to fast for you? Let me know in the comments !

Who Are the Contenders to Be the Next Instagram?

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has gone viral. They have over 30 millions users and their acquisition by Facebook made front page news. Now, their worldwide success is what many startups aspire to obtain. I thought I would take a look at companies that have the potential to achieve the same level of success, and came up with a list of 3 companies that I think are the contenders to be the next truly massive success story.


An app called Viddy takes on a very simular concept to Instagram. It has the same idea framework, but instead of sharing photos, Viddy allows users to captures 15 second video clips. The next steps remain the same as Instagram as you take the captured media, add a filter, and share with friends. Some might find the 15 second mark “insanely short,” but it forces you to cut out any unnecessary footage and get right to the point.

Why do I think this copycat app won’t just be thrown aside?

Because it already hasn’t been. Celebrities have already taken an interest in Viddy as a way to let fans into their lives through little video snippets.

With music icons and even Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerburg using the app, it sets off an influx of new users.

This kind of free advertising creates a buzz large enough to give Viddy the possibility to become the next Instagram.


I found out about this app from an article on mashable, and I think it has real potential. Pair is an app that makes it easier to stay in touch with that one person who you send 90% of your text messages to. Instead of sending messages to a single person using tools that were designed to send messages to everyone you know, Pair allows you to send photos, video, your location, and even things like sketches to one person in a single message.

(picture from here)

Beyond the basics, they have some cheesy features for couples to enjoy.  ThumbKiss is a feature that lets you see where your partner’s finger is on the screen, and when your thumb meets theirs, both of your iPhones will vibrate.  If that’s a little too much tech love for your liking, you can relax when you’re miles apart by sharing a live white board. Some possibilities to use this are to play games, share drawings, or create a mutual shopping list.

Why I think this App will gain momentum

I know so many people in my life that have the need for this app. I could see people in middle school all the way through married couples finding use for this app and loving the features it provides.


This app takes on photo sharing from a fashion perspective. Pose enables you to snap a photo of an item of clothing, tag it with the item’s price, brand, and store, and post it to Pose.  Your followers can “heart” an item (a la Instagram) or discuss their opinions in the comments.

Now, the practicality of this app is that brands can use it to drive business. The most common way to use the app is when you’re in a store and you come across and item of clothing you may want to buy, Pose invites you to take a snapshot. You can then tag it with your current location and the item’s price, and share it with friends. While a lot of popular brands have their own accounts where they can post professionally styled outfits, anyone can take a shot at styling the pieces and then share the same way.

Why I think Pose is a strong contender

The idea is really attractive to anyone interested in fashion. You get to share your style and the looks you create with fashionistas all over the world. People you don’t even know can approve of your style. There are also brand names already on the site such as LevisCoco Rocha, and Jewelmint. Getting the experts in on this app has driven all their fans to start posing themselves!

Free is the Key

Something all these apps have in common with each other and Instagram is the price, as they are all available for free in the Apple App Store.   When the app is free there is no reason not to try it out, so see what you think.

Who do you think is the strongest contender? Is there an underdog that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments!

What is Etsy & Why Your Startup Should Join

Etsy may be well known to the 16 year old girl who is obsessed with buying vintage jewelry, but do you have a clue what it is ?

Etsy has been up and running since 2005, but has recently been getting a lot of hype with online shoppers. It is an online store thats mission is “enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers.” Now this may seem to appeal more to the artsy part of society,   but I can attest that those who posses zero artistic talent can still enjoy what the site has to offer.

Selective Selection

Now, the difference between Etsy and the big dogs, such as eBay or Amazon, is the type products that are sold. “Etsy is an online buyer and seller community of strictly hand-crafted or vintage goods” Etsy is putting the importance back on quality over quantity. Now, if you outsource your product to a factory in Indonesia, then you should pass on getting set up on this site. They look into how the products are made and want to ship out one of a kind products.

Not Just a Little Fish in a Big Pond

The Internet is a giant space filled with millions of people trying to sell you products. The likelihood that somebody will notice your product without advertising is very small, and in essence you are a small fish in the world’s ocean. With Etsy, everything is a little more centralized. You are still a new brand, but this website removes a lot of the clutter from the Internet and has your products competing with fewer others. The Etsy website also already has a large community built, so before you even think about adding your business the customers are already there. This gives you a much larger platform to be discovered than just your own independent website floating around.

If you want to attract more attention, check out these Etsy tips for getting your goods noticed and sold.

A Site that Wants You to Succeed.

Now because Etsy puts such value on selling homemade and vintage products, I already get the feeling that there are not heartless business people at the forefront of this company. It seems that they want each merchant to succeed because there are a lot of accesible tool to make this happen. Using an Etsy store is a lot easier than manually setting up and maintaing your own website. Now removing work is great, but I think the Etsy blog is where this company really goes out of the way to help the sellers. They feature different sellers and create blog posts on how to acheive success on their site. The Etsy team clearly knows what works and sells on their site, and share these tips through posts such as Etsy Success: Product Photography for Beginners.

(Picture from here)

It Doesn’t Stop at E-commerce

Etsy’s youtube channel provides a long list of instructional videos including the “How-Tuesday” playlist which shares use do it yourself ideas.

So are you convinced ? Before you go over to Etsy to start shopping check out 6 Ways to Save Money on Etsy !

How Pinterest Can Make You Healthier

If you haven’t taken the time to check out Pinterest, you really should. 

If you are now finding yourself saying what is Pinterest, I am a little disappointed in you, and suggest you get caught up right away.

Now this site has a reputation for causing girls to spend hours pinning away pictures of their dream weddings, but if that’s not your niche I would like to hypothesize that using Pinterest can lead to a healthier life.

Your Digital Cookbook

 (and here)

Pinterest is heaven for all the foodies on the web. There are tones of recipes for healthy meals right at your fingertips, so it makes looking for recipes a very visual process. No reason to fall back on the same old recipes that quickly become boring, Pinterest makes it easy to step out of the box and try something new. It is said that we eat with our eyes as well as our taste buds and tummies, so when healthy fare is visually appealing, it can help you get excited about eating well and staying on track.

The Cheapest Gym Membership You Could Ask For

Don’t tell me you have the money to join a gym this year because that excuse doesn’t work anymore. There are boards that offer free workouts that can be done right in your living room. Everything ranging from a 30 minute workout, to a little more creative Harry Potter gym session will get you moving without leaving your house. Replace a personal trainer with step by step instructions available in many little pins.

One that is very inspiring is the Couch to 5K workout plan.

This 10 week plan gives workouts for everyday and strategically places days to relax in-between. This reaches out to the everyday person and makes a very large goal seems obtainable by starting off slow and growing in intensity every day. It is crazy what you can accomplish with the right tools and a little Pinspiration.

Need a little Pinspiration?

(picture from here)

Quotes, and Videos, and Magazine clips OH MY.

Pinterest provides endless boards of inspiration that can act as that “kick” you need to get off the couch, and start working out. If you feel down from a rough day and make excuses about why you don’t want to work out, Pinterest can provide a little extra motivation with just the click of a button. The phrase “A picture’s worth a thousand words” is taken to the next level here because every picture can act as an instant pick me up, or give you the motivation trade in your bad habits for a healthier lifestyle.

If you know the tools are accesible, but still need a little motivation, go right back to Pinterest to create some. Make a pin board to act as your “wish list” so that you can reward yourself after completing a goal, or use it to remodel your ideal body image. But remember to resist the urge to ‘pin’ images of models with airbrushed, unattainable bodies and instead choose images that are realistic and healthy.” 

But you have to be proactive about it because…