Does Your Life Follow a Path?

What Is It?

Now in its second version, Path embodies the ultimate social media tool that combines your Twitter updates, Facebook photostream, Foursquare checkins, and Spotify playlists. Path, originating in November of 2010, serves a canvas for the modern “smart journal.” It allows you to share photos and videos, where you are, whom you’re with, what you’re listening to, when you go to sleep and wake up, and any other thoughts you may have with an intimate network.

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How Is It Social?

Like other social networks, friends can interact with content by responding with comments. This will start conversations on any post. Users can also pick from a list of five emoticons to quickly express how they feel about what has been posted.

Privacy You Can Believe

A big concern many users have with networks such as Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook is how unreliable the privacy settings are. If you sign up for an account with these platforms, and relied on the manufacturer settings, most of your content would be available for the world to see. On the other hand, Path’s default setting is private, so the only people who see your posts are those who you personally accept. Path has the ability to differentiate itself from other social networks, but the user has to be a part of this process.

The app is made with a 150-friend limit, so that your “friending” does not get out of hand. Path embodies quality of friends over quantity. This forces the user to meticulously narrow down who has access to your personal information. You have total control over who can see your Path, so choose wisely.

If you choose not to keep it as a private journal, you can connect it with other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare.

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Is Your Smartphone Bumping ?

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Growing up in the 21st century we can actually use the phrase “There’s an App for That” with just about anything. While users browse through a sea of apps that add new features to your smartphone, I would like to highlight one that takes theold concept of adding a friends number to your phone and makes it a little more fun!

Whether you’re “trying to score some digits,” or casually asking “Can I have your number” you can add new contacts to your address book with the app called Bump.

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