Who Are the Contenders to Be the Next Instagram?

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has gone viral. They have over 30 millions users and their acquisition by Facebook made front page news. Now, their worldwide success is what many startups aspire to obtain. I thought I would take a look at companies that have the potential to achieve the same level of success, and came up with a list of 3 companies that I think are the contenders to be the next truly massive success story.


An app called Viddy takes on a very simular concept to Instagram. It has the same idea framework, but instead of sharing photos, Viddy allows users to captures 15 second video clips. The next steps remain the same as Instagram as you take the captured media, add a filter, and share with friends. Some might find the 15 second mark “insanely short,” but it forces you to cut out any unnecessary footage and get right to the point.

Why do I think this copycat app won’t just be thrown aside?

Because it already hasn’t been. Celebrities have already taken an interest in Viddy as a way to let fans into their lives through little video snippets.

With music icons and even Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerburg using the app, it sets off an influx of new users.

This kind of free advertising creates a buzz large enough to give Viddy the possibility to become the next Instagram.


I found out about this app from an article on mashable, and I think it has real potential. Pair is an app that makes it easier to stay in touch with that one person who you send 90% of your text messages to. Instead of sending messages to a single person using tools that were designed to send messages to everyone you know, Pair allows you to send photos, video, your location, and even things like sketches to one person in a single message.

(picture from here)

Beyond the basics, they have some cheesy features for couples to enjoy.  ThumbKiss is a feature that lets you see where your partner’s finger is on the screen, and when your thumb meets theirs, both of your iPhones will vibrate.  If that’s a little too much tech love for your liking, you can relax when you’re miles apart by sharing a live white board. Some possibilities to use this are to play games, share drawings, or create a mutual shopping list.

Why I think this App will gain momentum

I know so many people in my life that have the need for this app. I could see people in middle school all the way through married couples finding use for this app and loving the features it provides.


This app takes on photo sharing from a fashion perspective. Pose enables you to snap a photo of an item of clothing, tag it with the item’s price, brand, and store, and post it to Pose.  Your followers can “heart” an item (a la Instagram) or discuss their opinions in the comments.

Now, the practicality of this app is that brands can use it to drive business. The most common way to use the app is when you’re in a store and you come across and item of clothing you may want to buy, Pose invites you to take a snapshot. You can then tag it with your current location and the item’s price, and share it with friends. While a lot of popular brands have their own accounts where they can post professionally styled outfits, anyone can take a shot at styling the pieces and then share the same way.

Why I think Pose is a strong contender

The idea is really attractive to anyone interested in fashion. You get to share your style and the looks you create with fashionistas all over the world. People you don’t even know can approve of your style. There are also brand names already on the site such as LevisCoco Rocha, and Jewelmint. Getting the experts in on this app has driven all their fans to start posing themselves!

Free is the Key

Something all these apps have in common with each other and Instagram is the price, as they are all available for free in the Apple App Store.   When the app is free there is no reason not to try it out, so see what you think.

Who do you think is the strongest contender? Is there an underdog that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments!


How Instagram’s Coming Alive

my post on infospace.ischool.syr.edu

What was once the quirky iPhone app is now being developed into real life technology. I’m talking about Instagram. The app that is makes it easy for you to take professional (and a little hipster) looking photos for free at the touch of your iPhone button.

Now if you are saying “wait… What’s Instagram?”

  1. You must be living under a rock
  2. But I’ll forgive if you READ UP. and then continue here.

Since the launch of Instagram, it has skyrocketed in popularity. It [has gone] from zero to forty million users, in a mere 1,5 years time, and only continues to reach a larger audience. The growth has been so explosive that developers have decided to take it off the little screen and into real life.

Now I’m not joking, but this video is

While we can all sit and snicker at the idea of Instagram Snap, an Italian designer Antonio De Rosa thinks this is no laughing matter. He sees real potential in this technology and is in the process of creating a “real life Instagram” called Socialmatic.

(Picture from here)

(and also here)

Socialmatic ? Explain More…

It may look a little strange, but see it in all its glory for yourself: 

The large version of the app allows you to take filtered photos, share them immediately with friends, and then hit the print button for a physical version of the image. Your image prints out with a QR code, so anyone who receives it can scan and follow you on Instagram. Some say it is an all-too-obvious cross between a Polaroid and an iPhone 4, but is that combination ridiculous or genius?

De Rosa, What Were You Thinking?

Well, I can tell you exactly what he was thinking

Socialmatic, make your photo cool as you want and share it directly on Facebook trough the powerful InstaOs. If you want, you can print it directly on Instagram Paper Sheets, thanks to the internal printer. Every Instagram printed photo reports on front side your Instagram nickname and a QR code, to be followed by another Instagrammer, simply pointing his/her Socialmatic on your printed QR Code

He’s Got the Idea, But Needs a Little Help Along the Way

De Rosa has started a campaign on Indiegogo to raise $50,000 for the Socialmatic. If he reaches his goal, his idea will be put into action. The campaign runs until Sunday, June 1st. You can contribute on Indiegogo if you have faith in his creation. If the goal is reached, De Rosa is promising a “massive discount” for whoever previously contributed. If the funds are not sufficient to bring Instagram to life, everyone who donated will be fully refunded.

What’s The Vote?

Some people say

But other’s think it’s completely unnecessary.

Jury’s Out

Do you think Instagram should make the jump from the small screen to the real world?

My Top Iphone Apps

Do you have that #iphoneswag ? When anyone gets an iPhone/iPad (pretty sure all of these apply for both) they want to start decking out their devices with apps that give it abilities beyond your normal phone. Today I just thought I would share my favorite iPhone apps, and hopefully you will do the same so that we can all discover low cost ways to make more use and probably less battery of our fun technology.

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