May Nail Polish Picks

So as we are approaching the end of May, it is apparent that Spring has Sprung in full swing

It has been super nice the past couple of days and as my half moon manicure is falling to shreds, I thought it would be a good time to share my top 10 nail polishes for this time of year. Normally I go for brights and sparkle, so let me know if any of these are your favorites too!

OPI Friar, Friar, Pants on Fire

ULTA Tutu Cute

Confetti Tahitian Turquoise

Funky Fingers Power Play

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Follow The Moon: A Half Moon Manicure

Drawing inspiration from Lauren Conrad’s recent blog post I decided to put a twist on what she describes as a half moon manicure. It is shown with a black and gold combination, but I decided to amp it up for spring/ summer and choose and array of blues.

All you need are 2 nail polishes, some old binder reinforcements ( yes, we all have these stuffed in our drawers from school supply shopping in middle school), and a top coat so it doesn’t chip faster than youpaint it.

The two colors I used for my version are :

china glaze-refresh mint


sally hansen-blue me away

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A Collection Fit for the Capital – The Hunger Games + China Glaze !?

Yes everyone keep calm as I am about the tell you that two very amazing things are coming together in the near future. (Okay well March, but that’s close enough to look forward to) I did read all the Hunger Games books over the summer and I loved them ! Mix that with the fact that I am obviously nail polish obsessed & you have a winner! I have never really invested into looking into a future collection, but this one looks awesome.

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NOTD – “Basket Case”

As snow is starting to fall on the ground and I was leaving the country for a nice trip to Mexico I decided to go with something different than your average winter color (Mainly because I was ready to leave the cold behind)

I really like this color because it was able to give a bold look with only 2 coats, and stayed very well even without the top coat that I forgot at school and wasn’t willing to repurchase :)


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“It twas the week before Christmas” – A Haul

So I am not sure where my brain was when I was packing to come home from school for winter break(clearly it was fried by finals and needed a few days to recover), but I forgot some very important items in my suitcase. Somehow I managed to forget my straightener and curling iron &&& all my nail polish. Not even a smidge for a holiday and new years color. So clearly I had to change this very soon after I got home. Between a trip to Harmons and Ulta, I think I am now well stocked to take on a month home. ( well in the Nail Polish category.. somehow it didn’t feel right to repurchase a hair tool because the price range is a little different -_-)

The one I have tried out so far is Lunar Eclipse, which you can see in my NOTD of this week =)

I also received my Hautelook Order in the mail 2 days ago !

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You “Mustache” (Must have) This Manicure

Now I “Mustache” you a question. ( Too much Mustache usage?haha) Are you missing no shave November and want a way to commemorate it on your nails? Well if you answered YES.  I just wanted to share with everyone what I thought was the cutest thing since those mustache rings.

I saw these on the Birchbox blog page and couldn’t help but chuckle, but then think that this is the most creative and well executed manicure I have seen in a while.

This video shows you exactly how to get the look so practice up and even though we missed this years November, next year we can show how women can show off their mustaches too ;)

What do you think? Will you be trying this out anytime soon?