Follow The Moon: A Half Moon Manicure

Drawing inspiration from Lauren Conrad’s recent blog post I decided to put a twist on what she describes as a half moon manicure. It is shown with a black and gold combination, but I decided to amp it up for spring/ summer and choose and array of blues.

All you need are 2 nail polishes, some old binder reinforcements ( yes, we all have these stuffed in our drawers from school supply shopping in middle school), and a top coat so it doesn’t chip faster than youpaint it.

The two colors I used for my version are :

china glaze-refresh mint


sally hansen-blue me away

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A Collection Fit for the Capital – The Hunger Games + China Glaze !?

Yes everyone keep calm as I am about the tell you that two very amazing things are coming together in the near future. (Okay well March, but that’s close enough to look forward to) I did read all the Hunger Games books over the summer and I loved them ! Mix that with the fact that I am obviously nail polish obsessed & you have a winner! I have never really invested into looking into a future collection, but this one looks awesome.

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