What is Etsy & Why Your Startup Should Join

Etsy may be well known to the 16 year old girl who is obsessed with buying vintage jewelry, but do you have a clue what it is ?

Etsy has been up and running since 2005, but has recently been getting a lot of hype with online shoppers. It is an online store thats mission is “enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers.” Now this may seem to appeal more to the artsy part of society,   but I can attest that those who posses zero artistic talent can still enjoy what the site has to offer.

Selective Selection

Now, the difference between Etsy and the big dogs, such as eBay or Amazon, is the type products that are sold. “Etsy is an online buyer and seller community of strictly hand-crafted or vintage goods” Etsy is putting the importance back on quality over quantity. Now, if you outsource your product to a factory in Indonesia, then you should pass on getting set up on this site. They look into how the products are made and want to ship out one of a kind products.

Not Just a Little Fish in a Big Pond

The Internet is a giant space filled with millions of people trying to sell you products. The likelihood that somebody will notice your product without advertising is very small, and in essence you are a small fish in the world’s ocean. With Etsy, everything is a little more centralized. You are still a new brand, but this website removes a lot of the clutter from the Internet and has your products competing with fewer others. The Etsy website also already has a large community built, so before you even think about adding your business the customers are already there. This gives you a much larger platform to be discovered than just your own independent website floating around.

If you want to attract more attention, check out these Etsy tips for getting your goods noticed and sold.

A Site that Wants You to Succeed.

Now because Etsy puts such value on selling homemade and vintage products, I already get the feeling that there are not heartless business people at the forefront of this company. It seems that they want each merchant to succeed because there are a lot of accesible tool to make this happen. Using an Etsy store is a lot easier than manually setting up and maintaing your own website. Now removing work is great, but I think the Etsy blog is where this company really goes out of the way to help the sellers. They feature different sellers and create blog posts on how to acheive success on their site. The Etsy team clearly knows what works and sells on their site, and share these tips through posts such as Etsy Success: Product Photography for Beginners.

(Picture from here)

It Doesn’t Stop at E-commerce

Etsy’s youtube channel provides a long list of instructional videos including the “How-Tuesday” playlist which shares use do it yourself ideas.

So are you convinced ? Before you go over to Etsy to start shopping check out 6 Ways to Save Money on Etsy !


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